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5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

I've tended to be a bit ambivalent about holidays like Women's Day and Earth Day. A single day feels inadequate to honor something so core to life itself. But I recently learned that Women's Day has its roots in the

Me Too: A Safe(r) Space to Share Our Stories

I’ve been conflicted about whether or not to share my “me too” story. I have felt yucky remaining silent, yet I don’t feel safe posting to Facebook. There is something about the medium itself that has kept me from speaking

A Woman’s Place Is in the Revolution: Postcards from D.C.

Tuesday Jan. 17, 5:53 pm  Minneapolis-St Paul Airport  We’ll be lifting off shortly—all collectively choosing to act like flying through the air in a metal, bird-shaped contraption is unremarkable. I wonder at the impeccable patience of flight attendants. While their

An Inauguration-Month Practice to Cultivate Clarity & Action

Since the U.S. election I’ve been cycling through grief, fear, overwhelm, and moments of clear action. I spiral into a news wormhole or challenging discussion, and my body clenches tighter and tighter. Yet I’ve also had a few powerful moments

A Post-Election Poem for Our Future Daughters

A few weeks ago, I sat on the edge of my bed, despondent. I sat in pain and bereft. Hurt by this election. Hurt by this rhetoric. Hurt by all the words being tossed around that have broken my heart

Lydia Violet on Using Music as Medicine in Troubled Times

In these turbulent times on earth, we need music that reconnects us—to ourselves, to one another, and to our gratitude for this world. Lydia Violet’s new album, “Already Free,” does just that. Based on her deep study with her teacher

Songs for the Rebel in You

Feeling boxed in by stale social constraints, double standards, and prejudice? Here’s a playlist to incite the freedom-loving rebel in you! As per En Vogue, “free your mind and the rest will follow!”     Photo of Santigold by Whittlz on

Playlist: Invoke Spring Sunshine

Playlist: Invoke Spring Sunshine

You know that moment when you realize spring is finally here? That’s what this mix feels like. It invites you to put your headphones on and go for a walk or turn up the volume in the car with the

Hey, Hipsters! Here’s What Farming Is Really Like

When I lived in the city, I thought I knew what farming was like: hard work, pretty sunsets, living simple. And of course, there are those elements. But now that I make my life as a farmer, I know there’s

Conscious Culture: A Sweet New Album for Cozy Fall Days

The first time I listened to Undlin & Wolfe’s new album, I found myself replaying the last two songs again and again, caught between the soulfulness of “Heart of the Wood” (particularly at the 2:45 mark, when singer Siri Undlin lets

How a Silent Retreat in India Made Me Face My Own Trash

On a 10-day retreat in India, I ended up literally facing my own garbage. It has changed me deeply. Here's how it happened and one practice I use to heal my relationship with the Earth. *** To reach the small Himalayan

Practice Series: Speak Into What Matters

The theme for this month's Practice Series is NATURE. This month we’ve deepened our connection to nature by listening to and creatively invoking the elements. Last week we clarified how we are called to steward the earth, by committing to take

Practice Series: Turn Your Love Into Action

The theme for this month's Practice Series is NATURE. Being a steward of nature can feel immensely overwhelming. This week we’re going to make our love for the earth concrete in a simple, connected, practical way.  Throughout this month, we’ve connected

Practice Series: Dance with the Pulse of Nature

The theme for this month's Practice Series is NATURE. We are made of nature—she exists within us, in our bones, muscles, heart, and lungs. She is pulsing through our movement, our breath, and our heartbeat. This week we are honoring the

Practice Series: Nurture Your Elemental Nature

The theme for this month's Practice Series is NATURE. This week we will connect with and bring gratitude to the elements within us, to build a strong connection to nature wherever we are. By building intimacy with the earth, we forge a

Practice Series: Playdates Are for Grown-ups Too

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” —Plato The theme for this month's Practice Series is PLAY. Playing alone is fun, but playing with someone else can be even better—a

Practice Series: Become a Rogue Agent of Delight

The theme for this month's Practice Series is PLAY.  This week, you’re invited to take your practice out of the house and into the streets—to the bus station, office, grocery store, post office, any place that could use a little

Practice Series: Strike a Pose

The theme for this month's Practice Series is PLAY.  It’s easy to get into routines, which tend to become habits that over time become ruts and eventually make us downright rigid. One of the many definitions of play is “movement.” Just

Practice Series: Remember the Pure Joy of Play

The theme for this month's Practice Series is PLAY.  As adults, many of us view play as a frivolous pastime and a distraction from the serious business of living. As a result we tend to split play off from daily

Detoxing Your Home, Part 4: Your Beauty Routine

In this fourth and final part of our household detox series (find parts 1-3 here), we’ll look at personal care products and our beauty routines.  Our skin is our largest organ, taking in anything we put on it, including cosmetics,

Dispatches from the Road: My “Rocky” Pep Talk in the Desert

Note: Last month, we profiled Angela Maxwell, who’s spending the next five years walking around the world solo. We’re excited to share occasional dispatches from her journeys on the road. Here’s her first installment, from Australia:    I knew from

Why Driving Stick-Shift Makes Me Feel Bad-Ass

I belong to the sisterhood of stick-shift women. We seem to gravitate toward each other. There’s a look of recognition, a nod of respect, a knowing laugh when we meet. It’s like a secret club.  I learned to drive on

Detoxing Your Home, Part 3: The Laundry Room

In part 1 and part 2 we detoxed the kitchen and bathroom, taking stock of which products to toss, keep, or replace. In this segment we’ll explore the laundry room.  Many of our clothes, if they’re not made from organic

Spring Detoxing for Your Home, Part 2: The Bathroom

In part one of our spring-detoxing series, we tackled the kitchen, looking at what everyday products might be harmful to our health. In part two, we’ll explore the bathroom. The bathroom is a big one, home to many sprays, soaks,

Spring Detoxing for Your Home, Part 1

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I decided to "detox" our home. We were concerned about the effects the chemicals in our household products might have on our baby, not to mention the effect they were