About Us

Hello, and welcome to Invoke Magazine! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Anna & EmilyWe (Anna and Emily) are two word nerds who were drawn together by our love of writing and yoga.

As young girls, we both fell in love with a Minnesota magazine called New Moon. We saw a publication where girls’ voices were valued and empowered, and a seed was planted in each of us. When we met as adults, we were happy to discover our mutual childhood inspiration. Soon after, we started collaborating on a magazine that would honor truthful, authentic writing for grown-up-ish women.

We believe women’s voices are vital medicine for this time on our planet, and we aim to publish articles that uplift, empower, and connect women. We offer a place for those who identify as women to come together to invoke what they want to see more of in the world—truth, justice, creativity, joy, beauty, wisdom, compassion.

As a community, we’ll nurture creativity through weekly practices, monthly writing circles, retreats, and more. Our vision is to inspire the type of kinship that calls forth the best in one another, to remind all of us: You are not alone. Together, we express our authentic voices as women and invite others around the world to do the same.

We are profoundly grateful for everyone who has gifted their energy to this project. Thank you for being here!

With Love,
Emily & Anna