15 Songs for Your Unfolding Self

What makes us who we are? It’s a big question, and perhaps one best considered with a background of good music. Invoke writer Siri Undlin has been avidly exploring identity for years as a musician, author, and world roamer, so we

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Practice Series: Uncover Your Full Voice

The theme for this month's Practice Series is VOICE. The intention of this week’s 5-minute journaling exercise is to explore your relationship with your voice, so that you can uncover what (if anything) holds you back from your full feminine

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Take 3 Minutes to Discover Beauty

This week's easy three-minute practice will help you cultivate your connection to creative inspiration. You can do this right now, wherever you are.  This practice is for subscribers only:  [et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_7″] Begin by setting aside whatever activity you are engaged in for

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