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This article was originally published by New America Weekly. I am an arms

Who doesn’t love a fresh salad in summer? During the warmer months, I

Unlike many yoga stories, mine did not begin by coming to the mat

This article was originally published by New America Weekly. I am an arms dealer in Libya, but my weapons reduce violence and last longer than a bullet.  As the founder of the Voice of Libyan Women (VLW), a women’s

Who doesn’t love a fresh salad in summer? During the warmer months, I love to eat a vegan salad for lunch and save the hot meals for evening. It's really easy to make a tasty salad that’s full of

Unlike many yoga stories, mine did not begin by coming to the mat through a transformative or life-changing event. My life was humming along nicely, full of family, friends, and a sense of security. Truthfully, the only reason I

A Letter from My Heart to Yours: Why Feminism Matters

Dear Sister, Have you wrestled with the idea of feminism: what it really is and if it is even necessary anymore? As a woman who grew up in the '60s and lived through several waves of feminism, I want to share with you a way of looking at feminism that is both real and sacred. Perhaps it can help you in your own wondering. Feminism is not just a personal longing. It is a movement born

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Q&A with Zoe Wild: Getting to the Heart of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

499,226. That’s how many refugees washed up on the shores of Lesbos, Greece in 2015, fleeing war, poverty, and hopelessness. It’s a number—and conflict—that’s hard to wrap your mind around. But for Zoe Wild, it wasn’t about wrapping her mind around anything; it all came down to her heart.   As she scrolled through her Facebook feed last November and saw a video of a refugee boat going down, she had a moment of pure

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Why Driving Stick-Shift Makes Me Feel Bad-Ass

I belong to the sisterhood of stick-shift women. We seem to gravitate toward each other. There’s a look of recognition, a nod of respect, a knowing laugh when we meet. It’s like a secret club.  I learned to drive on a stick-shift at 15, and since then I’ve done my best to expand our ranks. I spent many a Saturday afternoon in high school teaching female friends the nuances of clutch and how to navigate

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Invoke calls on the collective wisdom of women. As a magazine, we publish articles that uplift, empower, and connect women. As a community, we’ll nurture creativity through weekly practices, monthly writing circles, retreats, and more.

We believe women’s voices are vital medicine for this time on our planet and every woman has a creative spark to share. We invite you to join us!


Practice Series: Tune In to the Wisdom of the Body

The theme for this month’s practice is SLOWING DOWN. This week we will turn inward in the spirit of the changing seasons to attune to the wisdom of the body. Our bodies are always sending us messages, yet we are often so busy or distracted that those messages have to get louder and louder before they are heard—often showing up as pain or discomfort (emotional or physical). We will cultivate awareness and gratitude while we

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Nourish: Want a Healthy Mouth? Try Tongue Scraping

I am not a morning person. In high school, I even created a family rule that no one was allowed to talk to me the first half-hour of each morning, while I ate my breakfast in the dark. So years later, when a group of Ayurvedic students, using me as a practice client for their study of the ancient Indian health science, assigned me a self-care routine that included waking with the sun, daily tongue scraping,

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5 Quick Yogic Ways to Avoid Imminent Meltdown

As a recovering perfectionist, I have a tendency to be overly scheduled and then collapse in a heap on my couch, exhausted and depleted (and occasionally a bit anti-social). However, as a yoga teacher, I’m also aware of the little ways we can help soothe our systems and stay present, whether you’re stuck in traffic, on deadline, or dealing with a difficult person. In today’s hyper-connected world, here are a few simple ways to reset,

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3 Ways to Cope with Grief and Uncertainty (from Someone Who’s Been There)

It was an ordinary Friday afternoon and my phone vibrated quietly in its plastic case. My mom’s photo showed on the screen and I excitedly answered. That excitement quickly turned to dread as Mom asked if I was sitting down. She shakily delivered news that would rip a staggering tear through the tapestry that is me. My father had passed away unexpectedly, just a few hours prior.  I believe in the image of life as

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