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This article was originally published by New America Weekly. I am an arms

Who doesn’t love a fresh salad in summer? During the warmer months, I

Unlike many yoga stories, mine did not begin by coming to the mat

Unlike many yoga stories, mine did not begin by coming to the mat through a transformative or life-changing event. My life was humming along nicely, full of family, friends, and a sense of security. Truthfully, the only reason I

When I lived in the city, I thought I knew what farming was like: hard work, pretty sunsets, living simple. And of course, there are those elements. But now that I make my life as a farmer, I know

In July 2015, Rosemary Alles left her high-paying job with NASA’s SOFIA mission and began the process of leaving behind her San Francisco home and giving away her possessions. She’s moving to South Africa to advocate for elephants, in

Wisdom Series with Indu Arora: Simple Ayurveda for Complex Lives

I was mesmerized the first time I heard Indu Arora speak about yoga and Ayurveda. She came across like a caring friend, with her cheerful demeanor and colorful clothes. But she was also a sorceress with her words, synthesizing deep teachings into one-liners that felt so straightforward and accessible I almost didn’t notice the depth of what she was doing. And therein lies one of her great gifts—that ability (and desire) to use the deep

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Practice Series: Write Your Way into Creative Flow

The theme for this month's Practice Series is CREATIVE SPARK. Creative flow is just moments away. All you have to do is jump in. Today, give yourself five minutes to find out what is flowing through you right now.  As with all of our writing prompts and other practices, there is no right or wrong, no goal to achieve—the point is simply to engage with a curious, adventurous spirit. When we write without censoring ourselves, we

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