Co-Create With Us!

Invoke Magazine publishes transformative writing by and for women. We’re here to express our love for life, and we invite you to join us. We welcome your creative ideas on a variety of topics that matter to conscious, creative women: world events, spiritual practice, social justice, self-care, sexuality, and much more.

We’re interested in many formats:

  • first-person narrative
  • how-to articles
  • thoughtful journalistic reporting
  • Q&As or two-way interviews
  • profiles of interesting women
  • opinion essays
  • reviews
  • recipes
  • videos
  • quizzes
  • playlists
  • paintings and illustrations
  • other creative ideas!

We also welcome submissions for our signature columns: 
• Wisdom Series: A Q&A series with teachers/leaders, with wisdom as the guiding principle. Word count: 1,500-2,000 words.

• Nourish: Accessible, practical, and easy-to-implement ideas around nourishment, from a simple recipe to a homemade beauty balm. Word count: 300-600 words.

• Conscious Culture: Covering books, music, movies, and artists. We focus on sharing new finds, but we’re also open to obscure old gems. Word count: 200-400 words.

How to submit your idea: Email with a paragraph describing who you are and what you’d like to write about. If it’s a good fit for Invoke, we’ll contact you to discuss your idea(s), story angle, word count, and timeframe.  

How to submit your article: Email it to us as a Word doc (or paste it in the body of an email if you don’t have Word). Include a couple-sentence author bio (30-75 words) and a high-resolution photo of yourself. We welcome suggestions of related artwork or photography to include with your piece. 

Our editing process: We aim to nurture creativity, collaboration, and high-quality craft, whether you’re new to publishing or an old pro. After initial brainstorming and writing, you’ll have the option of doing a feedback call with an Invoke editor to receive guidance and a sounding board—our way of connecting around the piece rather than simply critiquing it. After that, we’ll go through one to two rounds of editing and revising. 

IMAG0430What we’re looking for:
• Articles that transform, uplift, shift, connect, and help readers discover new things.
• Courage, boldness, passion, and curiosity. Invoke is a call to love.
• Writing that is real, relatable, relevant, and grounded, with a little humor and lightness when appropriate.
• An attitude of wholeness. We believe we’re all whole as we are, and we attempt to see the world that way. We’re not here to fix you.
• Authentic voice. We write what we know, we don’t try to be something we’re not, and we don’t hide our own light to play it safe.
• Storytelling with a mission. Find and share stories women might not be hearing elsewhere, those that celebrate the feminine spirit and show different ways of being in the world.

Want to submit your press release, review book, or other material?
Email us at or send us snail mail:

Invoke Magazine
P.O. Box 3654
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Note: When you submit an article to Invoke Magazine, you give us rights to publish that article in perpetuity. If your article has previously been published elsewhere, please inform us of that in writing.