Unfolding Self


Practice Series: Let the Rebel Spirit Move You

The theme for this month’s practice series is the REBEL. The last two weeks, we’ve explored our rebel selves through writing and vocal exercise. This week we’re taking a different approach—dropping deep into the body to connect with that rebel spirit in a more primal, kinesthetic way. The idea is to move however feels authentic and…


Practice Series: How to Burn Through Judgment

The theme for this month’s practice series is BURNING THROUGH, and we’re drawing inspiration from deep earth. When we look at any given landscape, the overall shape and view is determined by the size and shape of the earth underneath it. Whether it’s soaring mountains or flat plains, it’s the firm earth that gives it form.  …


Burn Through Fear with the Warmth of Presence

Let's look deep into the earth for inspiration on finding the place of purity and power inside ourselves. Take a moment and become aware of the earth under your feet. And now go a bit deeper—what’s underneath that? Keep going deeper. What’s there, holding all of us?   An ocean of lava. Fiery, pure, radiant, pulsing….


Dance Magic, Dance!

The theme for this month’s practice series is INVOKING. This week’s practice is a full-body invocation, inviting goodness into the world with our movement. For me, this kind of movement is a prayer—it is a way for me to invite in whatever I most want to embody and bring into this world. It’s different each day—some…