Practice Series: Listen to the Wisdom of the Elements


The theme for this month's Practice Series is NATURE.

This week we’ll deepen our relationship with nature by connecting to one specific element. It’s easy to get so absorbed into our human world that we forget to listen to the wisdom of the elements. The intention for this week is to spark that connection. 

Before you begin, briefly reflect on each of the elements in your life: earth, air, water, and fire. Is there one you feel most drawn to cultivating a deeper connection with, either because it calls to you or beceause it feels in need of loving attention in the world around you? (If you’d like to connect to each element in more depth before choosing one, see last week’s practice.)

Once you’ve chosen an element, give yourself a minimum of 5 minutes for this practice:  

  1. Go outside and find a specific example of that element in nature, perhaps a nearby tree or stream. If this is difficult, you can find it inside (particularly if you have chosen fire, in which case you may wish to use a candle). 
  2. Once you’ve found yourself in the presence of this element, begin to open your senses to it through sight, smell, sound, touch, maybe even taste. 
  3. Once you feel more connected, begin to relate to this element the way you would a friend: ask for its wisdom or any specific questions you may have, share any feelings, and, most important, make sure to listen. 
  4. After you feel complete, thank this element.

Please share in the comments below: which element did you choose? 

Image by Cheriejoyful on Flickr (CC).

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