Practice Series: Write Your Way into Creative Flow


The theme for this month's Practice Series is CREATIVE SPARK.

Creative flow is just moments away. All you have to do is jump in. Today, give yourself five minutes to find out what is flowing through you right now. 

As with all of our writing prompts and other practices, there is no right or wrong, no goal to achieve—the point is simply to engage with a curious, adventurous spirit. When we write without censoring ourselves, we can discover gems we might not find by thinking about it. 

Alright, let’s begin! 

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After you’re complete, please share a word, sentence, or paragraph in the comments below. We are an emerging community of creative women, and every voice matters. (Again, we are not here to be perfect or have it all figured out. We are here to to support one another’s voices, just as they are.)

We encourage you to do this practice each day this week. By doing this consistently, you will deepen your connection to your creative spark so that you can draw on it any time, anywhere. 


Photo by Walt Stoneburner on Flickr (cc)

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Emily Levang


Emily has a passion for news with both truth and heart. As co-founder of Invoke, Emily’s vision is to bring women’s voices together in the trials, triumphs, and bad-ass moments that make us powerful, vulnerable and creative. Emily is a certified Integral Coach, a leadership facilitator and earned a BA in Economics. Her yoga and meditation practices keep her grounded while she expresses her feminine grit and grace.


'Practice Series: Write Your Way into Creative Flow' have 2 comments

  1. April 29, 2015 @ 4:11 am Wendy

    Love this practice. It is one I adopted many years ago and it never fails to produce a sense of release, insight and the general yumminess of proclaiming what is mine. Thanks for spreading the idea of doing this to this community.


  2. April 29, 2015 @ 1:44 pm Noreen

    My jaw tightens and I remind myself to soften. There is a flicker inside me. Of hope, of knowing, of trust. I planted the seeds of trust and now they’re pushing their way up. I watch my basil, sprouting up all over the place, even after the pot tipped and the dirt spilled and the seeds got mixed around. They took regardless. Maybe the hardship made them stronger, more resolute to put down roots and rise upward. Maybe the impulse toward life is just that strong: that if given the opportunity, we will all do everything in our power to thrive. I feel my own sprouting, so tentative right now. Shaky and uncertain, moving toward the light. The springtime sun calls to me, whispers to me that all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well, and the only real need right now is to nurture my aliveness. As I do that, all else will arrive.


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