Practice Series: Uncover Your Full Voice


The theme for this month's Practice Series is VOICE.

The intention of this week’s 5-minute journaling exercise is to explore your relationship with your voice, so that you can uncover what (if anything) holds you back from your full feminine expression. 


  1. Bring your awareness to your body. Take three full breaths, allowing your breath all the way down into your belly.
  2. Bring to mind something you long to give voice to—something in your personal life or in the world, any area where you feel called to express yourself but haven’t fully done so yet. 
  3. Pick up your pen (or put your hands to your keyboard) and, once you begin, keep them moving for 5 minutes, uninterrupted, without censoring yourself. 
  4. Writing prompt: What is holding me back from giving voice to this? 
  5. When you’re done, allow a few full breaths and notice what is here for you now, having written what you did. 
  6. Reread your writing and notice what you feel in your body as you do so. Breathe into any areas of your body where you feel sensation, receiving this as information—not right or wrong, simply information. 

If you feel called to, please share a few lines of your writing or your experience in the comments below. 

And stay tuned for next week, as we move into a practice of opening the voice!  

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Emily Levang


Emily has a passion for news with both truth and heart. As co-founder of Invoke, Emily’s vision is to bring women’s voices together in the trials, triumphs, and bad-ass moments that make us powerful, vulnerable and creative. Emily is a certified Integral Coach, a leadership facilitator and earned a BA in Economics. Her yoga and meditation practices keep her grounded while she expresses her feminine grit and grace.


'Practice Series: Uncover Your Full Voice' have 2 comments

  1. June 8, 2015 @ 2:22 pm Mariana

    One of those things I can give more voice is to trust in the positive force of life, the FAITH.
    I could give more voice power to the faith. The faith that everything will be ok. The faith that nothing wrong will happen. The faith that I won`t be alone. The faith to accept and to be patient with inner earthquakes and “storms”. The faith that I am happy.
    What is holding me back?
    Must be my mental patterns completely rooted on my neural synapses. It tells me otherwise. It is showing me fear all the time.
    What I need to do is to understand that this FAITH i am looking for, is already within. Here and Now.


    • Emily Levang

      June 9, 2015 @ 3:05 pm Emily Levang

      Mariana, Thank you so much for sharing this! This feels like an important message for me personally – I can relate to holding back my voice around FAITH … for me expressing this somehow takes a lot of courage and vulnerability, in the face of a lot of negativity and fear in the external world. It’s easier for me to go along with that in order to not stick out. But within me I DO feel a sense of faith. Your post gives me a boost of courage to voice it more. Thank you!!


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