Practice Series: Try this Sweet Ritual to Grow More Abundance in Your Life


The theme for this month’s practice series is ABUNDANCE.

Abundance is a funny thing—it’s all around us, permeating everything we see and everything we touch. It’s so prolific we barely notice it, like air or water or our own magnificence. We forget that abundance is abundant! Wealth in all its aspects—love, money, opportunity, relationship, connection with spirit—can be channeled and made manifest, just like any other kind of energy. 

One way to bring these esoteric energies into the physical realm is through tools and intention, and what better way to bring in abundance in all its forms than through Mama Earth and the lushness she gives through plants? Here’s a sweet ritual to bring abundance into any area of your life that needs it. 

You’ll need:

  • A seedling, a small plant, or seeds (though they take a little more time)
  • A pot to plant your seedling in
  • Potting soil
  • A jar of water
  • The new moon (preferable, not mandatory—it’s the 29th this month!)


  1. Choose a plant that calls to you. Herbs tend to be easy to grow, and succulents are a great choice as we go into winter. Beginning with seedlings or an already established small plant will give you a stable start for this ritual, but if starting from seed calls to you, go for it! Stick to less finicky plants like culinary herbs to make sure they sprout and thrive. It can also be helpful to choose plants that already grow in your area. Here are a few examples, and make sure to let your intuition guide you:
          • Basil for money
          • Rosemary for love
          • Alfalfa for luck in business endeavors
          • Mint to attract good spirits
          • Horehound for creative inspiration
          • Succulents to call in endurance and resilience
  2. Choose an area of your life that could use more abundance. On a piece of paper, write three things you are grateful for in that area and one thing you’d like to call in. For example, for love:
                                                     I am grateful for my kind, compassionate partner.
                                                 I am grateful for my loving connection with my parents.
                                                      I am grateful for the sweetness of my cat, Pablo.
                                                 I am calling in the love of a tribe of powerful girlfriends.
  3. Place the piece of paper with your intention at the bottom of your pot. With reverence and with your intention in mind, like you’re nurturing the very thing you’re calling into your life, place the soil and seedling into the pot. This little seedling is the quality of abundance you are manifesting, and as you care for it, that abundance will flow into your life.
  4. If you happen to be doing this ceremony on the new moon (a fabulous time for abundance rituals), place your plant and a jar of water outside or on a windowsill if it’s too cold, and let it soak up all the new moon energy overnight. Use this new moon water to nourish your abundance plant every day.

Now, abundance is a two-way street: The more you sit with your abundance plant and your intention, care for it, and whisper sweetly to it, the more you open up to receiving prosperity. Place the plant somewhere you’ll see it often and be reminded of your gratitude and intention.

If it dies or somehow fails to thrive, it’s OK! Your intention is what counts here—feel free to begin with a new plant, a different herb, or an entire abundance garden! 

Photo by Tom Ezzatkhah via Unsplash

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Raquel Scianna


Raquel Scianna is a yoga teacher, writer, women’s wellness coach, and mid-morning chocolate eater. She delights in magical realists, solo travel, howling at the moon, and those weird tingles she gets from seeing mountains after spending most of her life in Chicago. A perpetual student and teacher, she loves facilitating women's community through the grace of spiritual embodiment practices. She has recently mastered the art of swirling a glass of wine while looking pensive. Connect with her at


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