Practice Series: Speak Into What Matters


The theme for this month's Practice Series is NATURE.

This month we’ve deepened our connection to nature by listening to and creatively invoking the elements. Last week we clarified how we are called to steward the earth, by committing to take one small, concrete action. If you haven’t  done so already, you can choose an action now or revisit last week’s practice for guidance. 

This week, for our final step on this month-long journey with the elements, we’ll bring our love and care for nature into relationship. Being witnessed in our commitments helps to strengthen them. Weave this into a conversation with a friend or loved one this week, and perhaps he or she will feel inspired to take action too! 


This week, share with someone in your life: 

  • How you are called to be a steward for the earth (either through small concrete actions or a bigger vision that is calling to you).
  • The action you’re committed to taking this week to enact this calling. 

After completing that action: 

  • Reconnect with that same person and let them know you’ve completed it, and share anything you discovered in the process. 
  • For extra support and accountability, please share with us in the comments below! 

Thank you so much for practicing together this month!


Photo by Lauren Luquin on Instagram. 

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