Practice Series: Listening with Your Heart


The theme for this month's Practice Series is LISTENING.

The intention of this practice is to listen to others with heart awareness. Not only does this allow more compassion, it also allows us to hear people in sometimes surprising new ways. It helps us to be less attached to the content of what someone is saying and hear the humanity underneath it. In our creative endeavors, it also helps us to gain new perspective and see outside of ourselves. 

You can try this practice next time you are around other people. It’s easiest to begin by listening to voices you are not actually in conversation with—for example, in line at the grocery store as you hear people around you. 


  1. Choose a person you are going to practice this with. (They don’t need to know.)
  2. Bring your attention to your own heart by breathing into your heart. 
  3. Let out a long slow breath, allowing your chest and heart area to physically relax. 
  4. Begin to allow the tone of that person’s voice, the emotional qualities, the content, and everything you hear to flow in and out of your heart space, as though your heart were watery and fluid. Nothing sticks, it simply comes and goes to and from your heart. 
  5. Continue this as long as you like. 

What did you experience as you listened to someone with heart awareness? 

(Also, please note that this practice builds on last week’s practice of listening to your own heartbeat, so if you find this one challenging, we recommend returning to that one for another week or two and then coming back to this.)


Photograph by Alessandro Valli on Flickr (CC)

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Emily Levang


Emily has a passion for news with both truth and heart. As co-founder of Invoke, Emily’s vision is to bring women’s voices together in the trials, triumphs, and bad-ass moments that make us powerful, vulnerable and creative. Emily is a certified Integral Coach, a leadership facilitator and earned a BA in Economics. Her yoga and meditation practices keep her grounded while she expresses her feminine grit and grace.


'Practice Series: Listening with Your Heart' has 1 comment

  1. August 30, 2017 @ 8:17 pm eduardo drake

    Thank you for this! I’m in love with my evolving practice of communing with others, and this way of listening, or more broadly experiencing or be-holding, will add further depth and artistry.
    wishing you an amazing day!


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