Practice Series: Listening to Your Internal Wisdom


Our Practice Series theme for the month of May is LISTENING

The intention of this week’s practice is to cultivate the capacity to listen to our own internal wisdom. This will build a foundation for everything else we’ll be exploring in these ongoing adventures in feminine expression. When we are able to truly listen to ourselves, new worlds open up. 

We practice to listen from a place of curiosity and openness, to be available to what is real and true for us, rather than trying to change or fix ourselves. There is no “right” way to do this; it is an exploration into deeper intimacy with ourselves.   


Please read through this before beginning. 

1. Pause. 
2. Bring your attention to your breath as it flows in and out. Feel your breath filling your belly, your chest, and throat. Simply feel your breath as it is, no need to change it. 
3. Become aware of the sensations in your body. Become aware of the emotions you are experiencing. As you do this, let your experience be uncensored, without needing it to make sense or have a “why.” 

What am I feeling in this moment? In my body? In my emotions? In the texture of my experience? 

Allow whatever comes to come, no right or wrong, simply what is. This can be done any time of day, throughout your day. Think of it as cultivating an intimate relationship with yourself, getting curious and interested the way you would with a friend or lover. By doing this over and over, you will be more immediately connected with what is real for you. 

Photograph by Astrid Westvang on Flickr (CC)


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2 thoughts on “Practice Series: Listening to Your Internal Wisdom”

  1. Thank you Emily! This really, really helped me today. In confused communication and habits of not listening, I nearly agreed to do something I didn’t want to do. Using this practice cleared it up right there.

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