Practice Series: Let Your Inner Rebel Lead the Way


The theme for this month’s practice series is the REBEL.

To rebel is to allow the spark of truth to burn brighter than all the internalized conditions we are “supposed to” obey. (Your career is supposed to look like this, your relationships are supposed to look like this, your body like this, your spiritual practice like this, and on and on it goes.) Meanwhile, the REAL is pressing in on us, beckoning us, perhaps even demanding our attention. 

The rebel we are embracing this month stands for the freedom to live a true, authentic life, even if it takes stepping outside the boxes that society creates. We’re not talking about immature teenage rebellion (though that can be fun too!), we’re talking about rebellion sourced in deep wisdom—the rebel who is committed to truth. 

The rebel can be quiet or loud, in-your-face or resting in stillness. Shaking off the shackles of who she is “supposed to be,” the rebel is radically alive. She stakes herself in this moment, just as it is, and says “I am here.” The rebel we speak of is a leader—carrying the torch of truth, even if that means going it alone … but in this case, we don’t have to go it alone because there are so many of us already doing this together. And though we may not realize it, each truth-inspired act can incite rebellion in those around us. 

To begin this rebel journey, take a few moments to journal in order to connect with that rebel spark within you. As we go forward through this month, you can tap back into this spark anytime you need to reconnect.


  1. Begin with a few full breaths, allowing yourself to relax into your experience. You may wish to place your hand on your heart to feel the ever-present spark of your own heartbeat. 
  2. Give yourself 5 minutes to journal on this question: What does my inner rebel want to say right now?
  3. Once you’ve completed your writing, offer your inner rebel a “thank you,” simply for existing. 


Image by David Clow on Flickr (cc). 

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