Dance Magic, Dance!

The theme for this month’s practice series is INVOKING.

This week’s practice is a full-body invocation, inviting goodness into the world with our movement.

For me, this kind of movement is a prayer—it is a way for me to invite in whatever I most want to embody and bring into this world. It’s different each day—some days my heart aches for the pain in the world and I want to invoke compassion, some days I simply invoke the strength needed to get through my day or the playfulness to not take it all so seriously. 

Bring to mind the quality you want to invoke today, whether it be very personal to your own life, something you want to call into this world, or both: peace, compassion, ease, joy, whatever feels true for you today.

Give yourself five or more minutes for this practice. Do this wherever you feel comfortable moving. At home alone is my favorite, but a bathroom stall at your office with headphones works too! 

Practice (read through before you begin): 

  1. Listen … pause … feel … allow your hands to be open and receptive. Listen to the sound of your breath and the sounds around you. Listen for that quality you are invoking, as though you could hear its rhythm. Press play on the song. 
  2. Gather and invite in the energy of that which you are invoking. Do this physically with your hands and arms, as though you could pull that goodness into your body, into the room, and into the world with your body.
  3. Move in any way you are called to. Allow your whole body to be an expression of the quality you are invoking, continuing to invite and gather it into you. 
  4. Amplify the energy, as though your entire body were drenched in that quality. Let it fill you. Let it fill the room. Let it fill this world. Your movement is both an invitation and offering of this quality. 

P.S. You can also try this when you’re out dancing at a party or club to add depth to your night out! 

Photo: Untitled by Franca Gimenez on Flickr (cc). Music: "Lalitamba" by Wah! from "Maa" 

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1 thought on “Dance Magic, Dance!”

  1. what a beautiful practice, Emily! i LOVE how you wrote out the steps so that my busy mind has something to connect to through my body. very helpful, very yummy, very moving. deep bow, katy

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