Social Justice

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

I've tended to be a bit ambivalent about holidays like Women's Day and Earth Day. A single day feels inadequate to honor something so core to life itself. But I recently learned that Women's Day has its roots in the

Me Too: A Safe(r) Space to Share Our Stories

I’ve been conflicted about whether or not to share my “me too” story. I have felt yucky remaining silent, yet I don’t feel safe posting to Facebook. There is something about the medium itself that has kept me from speaking

An Inauguration-Month Practice to Cultivate Clarity & Action

Since the U.S. election I’ve been cycling through grief, fear, overwhelm, and moments of clear action. I spiral into a news wormhole or challenging discussion, and my body clenches tighter and tighter. Yet I’ve also had a few powerful moments

A Post-Election Poem for Our Future Daughters

A few weeks ago, I sat on the edge of my bed, despondent. I sat in pain and bereft. Hurt by this election. Hurt by this rhetoric. Hurt by all the words being tossed around that have broken my heart

Lydia Violet on Using Music as Medicine in Troubled Times

In these turbulent times on earth, we need music that reconnects us—to ourselves, to one another, and to our gratitude for this world. Lydia Violet’s new album, “Already Free,” does just that. Based on her deep study with her teacher