Life Cycles

Finding My Flow: How I Learned to Love My Moontime

Twenty-five years ago, I lived in a quaint fishing village down the coast from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for six months each year. At the time it didn’t have electricity, phones, roads, or cars—you could only get there by boat.  Each

The Dark Side of DIY: It Feels Like I’ll Never Measure Up

There it was, my grandmother’s 1950s Singer Featherweight sewing machine, glaring at me. Its recently refurbished black frame shone with grease from the repairman’s rags. I wanted to sew, but at the same time, I really didn’t. I had put

6 Mindfulness Lessons Pregnancy Has Taught Me

As I round the corner of my 39th week of pregnancy and realize that I’ve spent more than eight months in this unique and ever-changing state, I’m struck by just how much I’ve learned. Aside from all the books and

Rebirthing My Daughter into Womanhood

For her junior prom, my daughter Katie selected a persimmon-colored, silky, draping, hugging dress. This launched a rather protracted discussion about—yes—underwear.   "So," I casually commented one day, "when do you have some time so we can run out and

Illustration by Ramón Gutiérrez

Moontime: How I Learned to Celebrate My Cycle

Imagine a woman who is connected to the rhythm of moonbeams and rivers, who knows her body like the fish knows the tides and the primrose knows the night. Imagine a woman who welcomes change with a full heart, knowing