The Dark Side of DIY: It Feels Like I’ll Never Measure Up

There it was, my grandmother’s 1950s Singer Featherweight sewing machine, glaring at me. Its recently refurbished black frame shone with grease from the repairman’s rags. I wanted to sew, but at the same time, I really didn’t. I had put

Practice Series: Explore Your Intuition with Collaging

The theme for this month’s practice series is INTUITION. Have you ever had trouble getting your discursive monkey mind to give you a break so you can tap into a sense of deeper knowing underneath?  As a rather left-brained woman who

Practice Series: What Do You Long to Say to the World?

The theme for this month's Practice Series is VOICE.  So far, we've explored more primal ways of voicing and the emotions and fears that hold us back from fully giving voice.   This week, we’re moving in a new direction:

Practice Series: Uncover Your Full Voice

The theme for this month's Practice Series is VOICE. The intention of this week’s 5-minute journaling exercise is to explore your relationship with your voice, so that you can uncover what (if anything) holds you back from your full feminine

The Power of Claiming My Craft as a Writer

Sometimes I grow tired of myself. I grow tired of the doubt and insecurity. Exhausted by pride and fear and love and desperation, I am cautious when I want to be curious, I am still when I want to be

Practice Series: Write Your Way into Creative Flow

The theme for this month's Practice Series is CREATIVE SPARK. Creative flow is just moments away. All you have to do is jump in. Today, give yourself five minutes to find out what is flowing through you right now.  As with

Take 3 Minutes to Discover Beauty

This week's easy three-minute practice will help you cultivate your connection to creative inspiration. You can do this right now, wherever you are.  This practice is for subscribers only:  [et_bloom_locked optin_id=”optin_7″] Begin by setting aside whatever activity you are engaged in for