Articles by Sofiya Hyder

Sofiya Hyder

Sofiya is a poet, woman, daughter, sister, lover, yoga teacher, alchemist, and, most recently, a student of religion at Reed College. She believes rest is sacred, intimacy is practice, and the mind-body connection is a source of wisdom. Her education has been a mix of wanderlust, solitude, self-inquiry, and creative disciplines. She is as committed to cultivating a sense of community as she is sensitive to the politics of identity that, for better or worse, serve as its engine. In the next 10 years, she wants to write a book about tantra, have better boundaries, and learn to cook.



The making of love, like the dance of destruction, wields force and yields surrender. On the grounds of such hallowed paradox sits a temple in which the goddess reigns. She resides in the vibrancy of space, the intimacy of aloneness, and the fierce shape of the great gesture, which, like the body, becomes the world….