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Shivani Ray

Shivani Ray is a multi-disciplinary artist, meditation teacher, and the founder of Living Sanskrit, an online school for traditional Indian wisdom and practices. Born both American and into the yogic tradition, she’s dedicated to helping steward and correctly utilize ancient indigenous wisdom in modern times and non-native contexts. She’s deeply curious about basically everything, which leads to lots of joyful trouble all over the world. In her resting hours, Shivani can usually be found outdoors, singing to trees or napping in moonlight.


Practice Series: How to Burn Through Judgment

The theme for this month’s practice series is BURNING THROUGH, and we’re drawing inspiration from deep earth. When we look at any given landscape, the overall shape and view is determined by the size and shape of the earth underneath it. Whether it’s soaring mountains or flat plains, it’s the firm earth that gives it form.  …