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Lisa Frost

Lisa Frost is a writer and coach who loves connecting with gutsy women who are breaking new ground, living their truth, cultivating meaningful relationships, and birthing their purpose into the world. She works with women who want to align with their power, passion, and purpose and live their values in every part of their lives. Check her out and learn how to start living your Deepest Yes with the FREE AUDIO: 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Power, Passion and Purpose at


Practice Series: Free Up Your Voice

The theme for this month's Practice Series is VOICE. Your spoken and written voice is a powerful tool, but when it becomes locked behind fear, sorrow, anger, or stress, it can feel difficult or downright impossible to express yourself. Emotions are important indicators that something is up for us that we need to listen to,…


How to Commit to What Matters Most to You

A couple of years ago I had a wake-up call. I suddenly became aware that although I thought I valued commitment, I had really been living my life as though I valued freedom more. I realized I had never truly committed to anything. This was shocking to me because I had been in long-term relationships,…