Practice Series: Awaken Your Intuition


The theme for this month’s practice series is INTUITION.

Do you remember a time you’ve followed your intuition and it was right on? Or perhaps a time when you didn’t follow it, only to wish you had? 

We are deeply intuitive beings, yet we live in a culture that tends to belittle it, as though it were a lesser form of knowing. Early on we get into a habit of second-guessing ourselves, and it can take practice to regain this power. 

This month we’re exploring how to access and hone our intuition, so that we can more deeply trust this form of knowing. When we open up to it, there is so much more information we can access, which can help us make better decisions in all areas of life, especially when we pair intuition with intellectual reasoning. 

To begin this exploration, we invite you to take five minutes to look back at your life and learn from your intuition. We’re all wired a bit differently, so one of the best ways to learn is from our own experience. 


  1. Get comfy. Close your eyes and take a few breaths to settle in. 
  2. Scan through your memory and bring to mind a time you’ve had a gut feeling, intuition, red flag, or felt sense about something that turned out to be accurate. 
  3. Give yourself 5 minutes to journal about the question(s) that speak to you most: 
    What was the intuition?
         • How did it come to you—was it a feeling in your body, an image, an inner voice? How did it feel?
         • Did you follow it or not? And what happened? 
  4. Once you’re finished writing, re-read what you just wrote. Pay special attention to the signs you received and how you received them. Our intuition strengthens when we confirm it, so just by taking note of it you’ll be more likely to recognize this way of knowing next time.

How does your intuition show up for you? Please share a word, phrase, or paragraph in the comments below. 

Image: "Para Baixo" by Jeronimo Sanz on Flickr (cc)

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