I am cleaning off my girl


I am cleaning off my girl I long to salvage what’s live in her

I wipe kohl gunk from the slits of her eyes

I pat at her glittery pout with a towel

My girl scowls at me and cries and cries

As I rinse the smoke from her hair

As I wash the blood from her cloven feet

bandage            put her in warm socks    satin slippers

I know she’ll take off

I know she’ll raid the liquor cabinet

Dunk her head in gore

For she is my marvel

My unnamable        thunder        my unbaptized        corrupt font

Wild nightshade inflames the first bed of spring

"Wild" artwork by Paula Barkmeier  

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Opal McCarthy


Opal is a poet, teacher, and practitioner of Heartworks Lomi Lomi bodywork. She has served as a writing instructor, yoga instructor, beauty inducer, and healer in Minneapolis, Hawaii, and online. Opal's first collection of poetry, "Surge," a book of wild girls and fierce tenderness, will be available from Tinderbox Editions this fall. Opal is passionate about empowering women to speak their own true words in gorgeous voices—and especially bringing forth the wild, the un-pretty, the secrets, shadows, and splendor within. Learn more at Opal’s website.


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