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5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

I've tended to be a bit ambivalent about holidays like Women's Day and Earth Day. A single day feels inadequate to honor something so core to life itself. But I recently learned that Women's Day has its roots in the

Me Too: A Safe(r) Space to Share Our Stories

I’ve been conflicted about whether or not to share my “me too” story. I have felt yucky remaining silent, yet I don’t feel safe posting to Facebook. There is something about the medium itself that has kept me from speaking

A Woman’s Place Is in the Revolution: Postcards from D.C.

Tuesday Jan. 17, 5:53 pm  Minneapolis-St Paul Airport  We’ll be lifting off shortly—all collectively choosing to act like flying through the air in a metal, bird-shaped contraption is unremarkable. I wonder at the impeccable patience of flight attendants. While their

A Post-Election Poem for Our Future Daughters

A few weeks ago, I sat on the edge of my bed, despondent. I sat in pain and bereft. Hurt by this election. Hurt by this rhetoric. Hurt by all the words being tossed around that have broken my heart